Dr. Natalya Ismailova

MD, Ph.D., dermatologist, an expert in medical aesthetics
• American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)
• Russian society of dermatologists
• IPSEN expert training committee
• Allergan expert committee

The benefits of minimally invasive mesotherapy have been demonstrated in more than 550 studies since 2000.
It provokes less skin aggression and pain, less side effects, and allows a better vision of the treatment site and
faster recovery of the skin of the patient. It also brings substantial benefits to clinics in terms of time and ease
of use of mesotherapy cocktails and devices.
The Fusion Meso products are minimally invasive treatments. They are very exclusive compare to competitive
brands as their quality is one of the best on the market, either by their active ingredients but also regarding
their formulation. I noticed a maximum patient comfort and painless treatments and minimum side effects. I
could achieve fast and visible improvements of skin texture, hair vitality or cellulite.
I had also the opportunity to publish articles in various medical publications and present my results in medical
1. Laputin Congress
2. Kosmetik Expo Scientific congress
3. Scientific committee meeting in Garden City (St.-Petersburg)
The Fusion Meso products can be compared to Revitacare, Filorga or aesthetic dermal products but the
patient cost / benefit ratio is much more favourable for Fusion Meso.
I used the Fusion Meso in more than 500 treatments on over 200 patients between 2007 and 2017, and my
physicians (employees from medical centre in total quantity of more than 12 specialists) made over 1800
treatments during last years.
Our customers’ chain (physicians only) in quantity of more than 2800 people have also huge experience in
usage of Fusion products – fractional and manual treatments.
Overall, I can conclude that the Fusion Meso is a helpful mesotherapy solution for the practitioner and the
patient, offering a safe product with visible results for the patient and comfort in use for the practitioner.

Dr. Richard Culligan

Expert in medical aesthetics
• American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)

Fusion Meso has made the expansion of minimally invasive procedures a reality for myself and hundreds of physicians and medical offices. I have personally seen the results with my clients as well as the hundreds of
Medical offices and Medical spas we service. Results in the form of before and after pictures, independent
clinical studies and patient testimonials continue to pour in from Fusion based offices.
Fusion’s exclusive, well thought out multi-purpose cocktails, range from anti-aging formulas in the form of
dermal and epidermal facial rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, hair re-growth, pigmentation and more. This
has opened up the aesthetics industry to a large sector of the general Physicians, Nurses and Aestheticians
who now use Fusion Mesotherapy. These same practices are able to expand their businesses with the ease of
use of the products and the results their patients are receiving.
I have attended more than 20 National Anti-aging Medical shows including A4M, AAD and The Aesthetic
Show and have personal witnessed the sub-par formulas (chemistry), presentation and packaging in other
competitive Meso lines. I feel confident with the safety and efficacy of the Fusion line. The formulas are
sterilized by micro-filtration which protects the active ingredients (growth factors and peptides) as compared
to other Meso lines which use intense heat to sterilize their formulas but compromise the delicate actives.
Post-procedure data from practitioners included limited dermal and epidermal irritation, minimal erythema
and minimal to no side effects or allergic reactions. Reproducible clinical results of up to 50% reduction in
wrinkles in 3-6 treatments, noticeable hair growth in 8-10 treatments, reduction in pigmentation in 3-6
treatments and cellulite reduction in 4-8 treatments.
The needle free device in the form of the “Xpert” by Fusion which is an electroporation device, delivers these
same products in a painless efficient manner to the epidermal and dermal layers. It is a must to go along with
the Platinum dermal pen by Fusion which provides reproducible collagen induction by micro-needling. Both
clinically backed devices provide transdermal delivery of the Fusion line as well as PRP and PRF.
Fusion Meso products and devices are an excellent choice for Medical-Aesthetic providers for their clients.
Backed by clinical studies, safe sterile formulas and perfect price point will excel this company into a position
as a leader in the Mesotherapy industry.

Dr. Philippe Sillard

Expert in medical aesthetics
• American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)
• Member of the French society of mesotherapy (SFME)
• Member of AMME (FRANCE)

Cosmetic doctor for more than 20 years, I practice daily mesotherapy, whether for the face, the silhouette or
the hair. My clientele is looking for care less and less invasive and painless.
I had the opportunity to inject many products of different brands (Filorga, Revitacare, Skintech etc ..), but
since I tested Fusion Meso products in 2014, I have not changed.
I appreciate both the quality of products, the formulation, and the dosage of active ingredients. Effective,
without significant side effects, at competitive prices, I recommend my colleagues this brand.
Finally, the relational quality of the commercial team, always available and responsive is an important
criterion of choice.